5" Swivel Heavy Duty Black Elastic Rubber Casting Aluminum Caster Wheel

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  • Model 5" Swivel Heavy Duty Elastic Rubber Caster Wheel
  • Weight 2.35kg
  • Warehouse Xiaolan, Guangdong, China
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Product Description:Swivel Heavy Duty Black Elastic Rubber Caster Wheel with...
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China Tan


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Product Description:

Swivel Heavy Duty Black Elastic Rubber Caster Wheel with Double Ball Bearing Each Caster carry up to 300kg.

Product Highlights:

- Each Caster Load Weight up to 300KG
 - Easy rolling ability
 - Elastic Rubber
 - with Ball Bearing
 - Suitable for Hard & Rough floors, Quiet, Good Floor Protection

Product Specification:

Load Weight: 300KG
Bracket Thickness: 5.5mm
Bolt Hole Distance: 85mm x 72mm 
Plat Size: 115mm x 100mm
Wheel Thickness: 150mm x 50mm
Wheel Height: 164mm
Product ID: 320125

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